You are the owner of the greatest machine ever created. This machine is hearty and strong. It is capable and tough yet delicate and diplomatic. Your body works for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your body takes in millions of toxins every day whether it be the environment, stress and foods and yet we are all still here – breathing, eating, stressing, enjoying, frolicking, and best of all – living.

Every mechanism in your body relies on another mechanism. When one mechanism fails then many can follow that virtually seem unrelated.

The body is whole.

You can’t fix one ailment or put a band-aid on it and expect all the other ailments to go away.

We take our body and its functions for granted but in reality, everything is a delicate balance. When your body detects an imbalance, it does everything it can to achieve a beautiful equilibrium. Your body wants to achieve stability every day and works very hard to maintain poise.

You are the owner of the greatest machine ever created. This machine does not come with an instruction manual. It is your resolution to make your body the best it can be.

I can help you become the best you can be.  As a Master Nutrition Therapist and Certified Functional Diagnostic Practitioner, I focus on the individual and the goals of each individual.  As we all have different personalities and  body types, we also have different goals.  I will tailor a nutrition plan to fit your lifestyle, goals and your unique bio-individuality while also taking the whole body and it’s functions into great consideration.

I believe that beauty comes from the inside to the outside and the old saying – “you are what you eat” holds true.

Good nutrition is a process, and I can help guide the process so that it becomes second nature – or, better yet, completely natural.