This year – Ditch the New Year’s Resolution: Baby Step to a new YOU!

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This year – Ditch the New Year’s Resolution: Baby Step to a new YOU!

Cheers to the New Year!!  The new year is a time for renewal.  It is a time to start over, turn over a new leaf and make a list of those pesky New Year’s resolutions.

We all definitely start out with a bang but as the New Year progresses those resolutions get lost in the shuffle, lose priority, fall into the black hole or they are just too much of a pain in the butt to deal with.  According to the top five New Year’s resolutions of 2012 were:

1. Lose Weight

2. Getting Organized

3. Spend less, Save more

4. Enjoy life to the fullest

5. Staying fit and healthy

The percentage of people who were successful in achieving their resolution: a whopping 8%.

According to Eating Well Magazine, 77% of all people who make a New Year’s resolution are successful for no more than a week.

Are we a nation of non-committal losers?  No!!!  We are definitely well intentioned in the beginning.  I think we all start out with great motivation but fizzle out because we either have no direction or no clear goals on how to attain our resolution. We just simply make a statement and don’t qualify it with a plan or we don’t take the time to attain the knowledge to get us there.    Now, if any of you know me- I am no mathematician or financial advisor so I can’t tell you how to spend less and save more …And keeping me organized is a full time job so I can’t offer any advice on that.    What I can do is give you some advice on losing weight and staying fit and healthy.

To most, losing weight generally means going on a D. I. E. T.  That dirty word “diet.”  I hate the word diet.  Do you know why?   Because it conjures up feelings of deprivation.  Do you notice that once you go on a diet, you are hungry all the time?  The second I tell myself I am on a diet I feel deprived, depressed and even disadvantaged.  I would see people enjoying dinner at a restaurant and would instantly feel rage but at the same time I would feel the most intense hunger and cravings for foods that I didn’t ordinarily eat.

Oh and sure you will lose weight but this loss will be temporary.  Is your goal to be temporarily healthy?  Because that is why we go on a diet – to get healthy and lose weight.  A study at UCLA concluded that 90 – 95% of people who go on a diet will gain the weight back and will even add more weight.  One of the reasons we gain that weight back and sometimes double it is that we are so happy to be eating again that we rarely eat intelligently when we go off our diet. Why? – because we felt DEPRIVED.

Also, diets are temporary. Do you ever hear anyone say I’ve been on a 10 year diet? Unfortunately, 1/3 of all women and one quarter of all men in the US are on a diet (Colorado University). The numbers will probably go up on 1/2/2013.

So first, let’s make a simple resolution in 2013 to NOT go on a D.I.E.T.

So what can you do to lose weight and be on the road to becoming fit and healthy? – eat smart!  It’s that simple – right?  Well unfortunately eating smart is not all that easy.  We are bombarded every single day with commercials about weight loss products, low fat/no fat products, pills and formulas that will magically burn fat and detoxification methods like the Master Cleanse that promise a clean and lean body.  More than 60 billion is spent each year on diet and weight loss products in the US.  (Marketdata report)

Then there are all the scientific studies that report a certain herb will melt fat away, that drinking caffeine will reduce heart disease risk; that excess soy will contribute to breast cancer.  What can you believe?  I agree that is all of this is very confusing.   The key is keeping it simple and modest.

1.  Eat foods that are colorful and simple.

Our standard American diet consists of food made by man.  ..and I’m not talking about food made by your cute little local baker.  I’m talking about food that is laden with so many different types of chemicals, preservatives and flavorings.   We are not eating real food anymore – we are eating “food-like” products or what I like to call Frankenfoods.  They are made to look and smell better so that we will eat it and keep on eating.  Frankenfoods do not provide us specific nutrients and the result is that we are all starving on a nutritional basis.   Processed and packaged food doesn’t have what we need nutritionally but what the food does have is an enormous amount of calories and toxins.  We are a nation that is overfed but also starving to death on a cellular level.  Remember that nature does not come in box or package with an excess of ingredients we don’t understand or can’t even pronounce.

Let’s take for example, MSG and free glutamates.  MSG/free glutamates are considered excitotoxins. Simply, these chemicals excite a part of your brain that makes you eat more.  Both are used to enhance flavor in about 80% of all processed foods (Raymond Francis M.Sc. MIT).  What is so confusing is that both of these chemicals are disguised on food labels with many different names such as:

• Hydrolyzed soy protein

• Free glutamic acid

• Sodium caseinate

• Citrate

• Hydrolyzed vegetable protein

• Monoammonian Glutamate

• Maltodextrin

• Soy protein isolate

• Whey protein concentrate

• Autolyzed yeast extract

If you are trying to avoid MSG (like many of us are) then how can we possibly do that without a chemistry degree?

Avoid the Frankenfood.  Start to work in simple food slowly.  Go the grocery store and pick out some sweet potatoes one week, try a broccoli recipe the next week, make some mango salsa the next week.  Keep adding these foods slowly until you have completely eliminated the Frankenfood.  Remember – baby steps.

2.  Cut out soda and diet soda.

Both soda and diet soda are loaded with sugar and sweeteners.  According to a YouTube video featuring Dr. Robert Lustig, if you drink one soda every day for a year you will gain 15.5 pounds!!  Imagine if you cut out that soda. There are those 15 pounds you have wanted to lose all these years!!

Thinking of cutting out soda and replacing it with diet soda?  No way – Here is the truth about diet soda.  It is a very deadly combination of aspartame and caffeine which in turn is a very distinctive blend of excitotoxins  The Yale journal of Biology reported that artificial sweeteners contribute to weight gain so replacing soda with diet soda will not get you from zero to healthy.   Here is the “skinny” on diet soda.

• Aspartame causes formaldehyde build up in the brain.

• Diet soda causes carbohydrate cravings.

If you have been drinking soda/diet soda for a long period of time then don’t go cold turkey.  Cut the amount you have in half on a daily basis until you are no longer drinking soda.  Replace it with water and herbal tea.  I promise that you will feel so much better and remember- baby steps

3.  Cut down on your sugar intake.

The average American consumes more than 150 pounds of sugar and sweeteners each year (US  Department of Agriculture) Sugar is in everything in the form of our friend “high fructose corn syrup.” It is in salad dressing, pizza sauce, bread, cereal, crackers and yogurt.  Why do we love sugar?  Sugar increases the beta-endorphins in the brain. These beta-endorphins make you feel good and once you eat sugar you want to keep feeling good so you eat more sugar.  You become addicted.  Sugar is very addictive and don’t’ let anyone tell you it’s not.

Are you now thinking that if I can’t have any sugar then I will start eating a fat free diet – No!!  Fat is not the enemy.  All the fat in the fat free products was replaced with sugar and once that sugar is ingested it is converted to fat  – so fat free products are not doing you any favors.  Fat is good for you if it is the right kind of fat.  Healthy fats are in avocados, olives, chia seeds, flax seeds, almonds and  salmon to  name a few.  So start incorporating these types of good fats into your diet.  I know many people have avoided avocados because of the high fat content.  Oh my – avocados are the best!!  Who can’t resist a good guacamole?

The goal is really to start slow and get used to a new way of eating.

Say it with me –

• I will not go on a diet in 2013

• I will be making some minor adaptations to what I put into my mouth.

• I will start to cut out soda/diet soda slowly and replace it with water and herbal tea – but I will do this slowly so that I don’t feel deprived.

• I will start to incorporate more colorful foods into my daily life and will not rely on the Frankenfoods to nourish my body.

As part of my commitment to health and wellness, I will be posting great and simple recipes every other week for all of you to try. Email me and send me photos of your creations.  The person who emails me the most and is the most committed will receive a free consultation with me and a free adrenal stress index test! More details to follow.

You didn’t expect me to give you all this advice with no incentives did you?

Cheers!!  I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!!